The death of my hero, and a legend.

I’ve kept very silent as a citizen of the world. I wanted to hold myself deeply and mourn in my own way... Kobe for me was the beauty and majesty of living in Los Angeles, He was a legend even before I moved there in 98’. I’m gay, basketball was the furthest thing from my appetites and mind at the time... I remember seeing him everywhere, I went in that large unpredictable town, and he helped make me love it and feel at home... Kobe was a basketball 🏀 god and he knew it! But the difference between him and Jordan, his idol, was he had humorous and he was able to really shine and connect with everyday fans... Kobe was humble and gracias in his right to be allowed the opportunity to dominate our minds... Kobe was the embodiment of everything I wanted to be in my normal everyday life, he was cocky, unapologetic, brilliant, fearless and always on time with the clutch play... Kobe was everything I’d ever wanted to be, the living and breathing part of the game, his utter genius on the court and his love for his game meant everything to me... when he retired, I wept... almost uncontrollably because at that point I’d already left the city of angels and I felt his retirement as if it were my own... His death was the saddest news I’d heard in years a great man had understood that he to was only human.. Kobe being still so young as he was when he entered his realm, his dominion to be still full of life and devotion and to be taken away so early... I’d just like to say... for a gay boy growing up in the city of Angeles Kobe, was life... and working and then relaxing to watch the Dream Team perform was what got me through my Home Depot years, so in his death we mourn the tragedy of a life cutdown so short with so much more to come... we celebrate his and his daughters life as true testaments that tomorrow isn’t promised or guaranteed to anyone... live your dreams like there’s no time on the clock left... R.I.P. Kobe Bryant you were the clutch with 3 seconds left on the clock and that how you’ll be remembered by me, just a gay, black guy you inspired but will never know... and Gianna Bryant, I see you trying to be like your dad, and make that winning shot, rest easy young princess, you now are two fearless angels dancing in the stars.