Wooden Bead Maker - BecauseJoy
Wooden Bead Maker - BecauseJoy
Wooden Bead Maker - BecauseJoy

Wooden Bead Maker

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Drill Any Piece of Wood to Create Perfectly Round Beads With Wooden Bead Maker!

Want to mould your woods into beautiful pieces of beads? Roll up your sleeves and create beads with Wooden Bead Maker! You can design your jewellery, DIY handicrafts, home decors and more! The perfect bead maker is just a few clicks away, so hurry!


  • CREATE CUSTOMIZED GIFTS FOR YOUR LOVED ONES: With the forthcoming season, we continue to search for new gift ideas. But there's nothing more special than a present handcrafted by the givers. Personalized bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories or home decor with some beads can be your perfect gifts for your loved ones! Your presents will be more appreciated when they're handmade with love.

  • PERFECT MOLDING: The advanced technology of the bead maker makes sure that each ball comes out almost entirely. You'll not need sanding or polishing after. The smoothest and sleek beads with minimum effort!

  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY WOOD: The Wooden Bead Maker can be used on Ebony, Deft Knots, Mahogany, Sandalwood Blood, Rosewood, and so on. So, whatever the wood type is, it’ll be ready to shape!

  • PERFECT CURVED CUTTER: It includes a quality cutter that is C-shaped. It’s cemented carbide cutter drill through any wood with precision. So, you don't have to worry about perfect cutting effect!

  • CREATE DIFFERENT SIZES OF BEADS: Wooden Bead Maker has multiple sized cutters. Choose from various sizes of blades to add a variety of sizes to your beads. No worry about the bead size!