USB Voice Recorder - BecauseJoy
USB Voice Recorder - BecauseJoy
USB Voice Recorder - BecauseJoy
USB Voice Recorder - BecauseJoy
USB Voice Recorder - BecauseJoy

USB Voice Recorder

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Easily Record Any Sounds and Transfer Them With This Innovative USB Voice Recorder

You probably have several USB drives like this one lying around your desk. But USB Voice Recorder contains a tiny microphone hidden inside of it. So, now recording voice and transferring files is in one device!



  • PORTABLE AND PRACTICAL USE: This tiny, handheld dictaphone is excellent for recording lectures, meetings, classrooms, interviews, singing, music, crafts. This item is ideal both for the car and for a laptop. You can make your notes or use them for taking dictations. You can use it daily for everything that you need to remember. It is excellent for professionals and students, for both personal and work use. It is also recommended for seniors and kids as it is straightforward to use.

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: High-quality rechargeable Li-ion battery ensures a long-time charge life. This one includes the USB 2.0 interface and supports the TF card. Long-time voice recording, as well as the super quality recording, will make your life more flexible.

  • EASY TO USE: To hear the recording you just made, plug it into your computer. Your taped conversations will be inside a folder. So make your life flowing with USB Voice Recorder.

  • AUTOMATIC RECORDING: There is no need to install any software. Plug it into your computer, and the recording folders will be opened.

  • EASY TO CARRY: The Lightweight with ultra-thin shape and small size USB device can be carried everywhere without any hazard.

  • CLEAR SOUND: Sound can be recorded from away. Super high-quality recording can be held with a Digital Voice Recorder.