Time Machine Car - BecauseJoy
Time Machine Car - BecauseJoy
Time Machine Car - BecauseJoy
Time Machine Car - BecauseJoy

Time Machine Car

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Revive Your 80’s Passion & Relive Nostalgia With The Astounding Time Machine Car!

Want to transport yourself back to the days of the ’80s? Now turn back to your childhood memory in this futuristic Time Machine Car! Enrich your collection with this Time Machine Car that features one of the most famous cars in the history of movies. This wonderfully-crafted car is made of alloy, and exquisite artistry to illustrate the futuristic car shape. Make your collection more tremendous!


  • REALISTIC MOVABLE MODEL: The car has a realistic look that will surely blow your mind. It features openable doors and movable wheels that make it lifelike. The fly version makes it more stunning, and two gull-wing doors can be opened upwards.

  • GO BACK TO YOUR CHILDHOOD DAYS: Display your 3D DeLorean Time Machine Car model to illustrate your collection. The best way to take you back to your childhood and sharing your childhood days with your kids.

  • CONVENIENT:  Parts can be easily assembled and disassembled. You don’t need any glue or paint to reassemble the car. You can use tweezers for bending and twisting the connection tabs.

  • IDEAL GIFT ITEM FOR COLLECTORS: An exclusive gift can make your loved one feel special! You can give the car to fans and model enthusiasts, and let them celebrate the 90’s feel.

  • 3D MODEL & GREAT APPEARANCE: The time machine car is made with exquisite workmanship to restore the exact car shape. It is molded in brushed silver and gray.