Super Pet Towel - BecauseJoy
Super Pet Towel - BecauseJoy
Super Pet Towel - BecauseJoy
Super Pet Towel - BecauseJoy
Super Pet Towel - BecauseJoy

Super Pet Towel

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Quickly Dry Your Pet With No Fuss & Less Hassle!

A wet dog always messes your home. Sometimes, if you don’t dry your pet properly, it leaves an annoying wet smell. Regular towel can't absorb water from your pets’ body quickly. So where can you get a towel that provides the highest absorption and fasting drying solution? Here’s your solution. Our Super Pet Towel has the highest absorbency power for water, mud, dirt, and sand, allowing it to hold more mess than any other drying towel.



  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our towel is made from special material that can quickly and easily to dry your pet. No more smelly odors or messes! Ultra-absorbent chenille microfiber fabric is soft, cozy, and soaks up more water than other towels.

  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT: Our towel dries your dog 8x faster than a standard towel! It even beats out a blow dryer! Fasting drying for even the biggest, hairiest, wettest dogs on the planet.

  • EASY TO USE: The dual hand-design allows you to have a better grip when drying your dog. The ribbing on the towel gentle massages your pup and wicks away water from their body.

  • DURABLE MATERIAL: The sturdily stitched strands simply work great for dogs/pets. Our towel can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It's safe for the washer and dryer, too!

  • PERFECT SIZE: One size is suitable for dogs and cats of all different breeds and sizes. You can use this towel on the small, medium, and large pet.