Snap Pliers Set - BecauseJoy
Snap Pliers Set - BecauseJoy
Snap Pliers Set - BecauseJoy
Snap Pliers Set - BecauseJoy

Snap Pliers Set

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Include Everything You Need in Tailoring Professionally With Snap Pliers Set!

Are you a starter or a professional tailor? So, you need a different colour snap. Snap pliers are also required to do your work correctly! But the good news is, you don't have to buy it separately. Snap Pliers Set comes with 360 sets of a snap button with different colours along with snap pliers. So, nothing to need more!


  • FELICITOUS FOR MULTI-USE: Use these handy plastic snaps for your jumpsuits, nappies, bathtubs, towels, kid's clothing, quilt covers, curtains, raincoats, umbrellas, folders, crafts, etc. Get yours and make custom baby clothing and show your maternal love!

  • CONVENIENT INSTALLATION, AWESOME RESULTS: put a buckle and male button and press with your Babyville snap pliers. Repeat for the female button. You will hear a pop sound when the snap fasteners this signals the installation process is complete.

  • SUPREME QUALITY: For complete functionality, our snap buttons are made of top-grade eco-friendly resin that is bright, tough and durable. The snap fastener pliers are made with high-quality aluminium. Suitable for women, professional or novice sailors.

  • AN ULTIMATE SET: Our sophisticated snap fastener kit includes a set of snap pliers and 360 pcs snap buttons and snap pliers set. Each different snap buttons and multiple colours in total with each colour having various sets of buttons. Order Yours!