Smart Windproof Lighter - BecauseJoy
Smart Windproof Lighter - BecauseJoy
Smart Windproof Lighter - BecauseJoy
Smart Windproof Lighter - BecauseJoy
Smart Windproof Lighter - BecauseJoy

Smart Windproof Lighter

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Enjoy a Flameless USB Lighter & Ignite in Any Weather With Smart Windproof Lighter!

Having a smoke when it's windy can become a real issue for many. This is only one of the numerous drawbacks a classic lighter has. Have you often run out of fuel at the most inopportune moment?  Smart Windproof Lighter is here to unravel all these complications. The innovative rotating arc, including USB charging with the most elegant look, can be your friend in any weather that you quest!  


  • POWER INDICATOR & USB CHARGING: It is upgraded with LED battery indicators that are beyond the other lighters you have ever used! The lighter can be charged by using USB Slot, unlike traditional lighters that require fuel. Smart Windproof Lighter provides you with a universal charging interface that is compatible with mobile phones, computers and any USB generated devices.

  • MAGNIFICENT LIFETIME: It features an ergonomic design with no soot remains. Its magnet steel can withstand high temperatures. USB lighter's life longer than a single side, including a high-quality battery that ensures longer operation time. With all-metal zinc alloy material, it is stout to use for a long time.

  • RUNS ON ELECTRIC HEAT CONDUCTION: It uses intense heat to light cigarettes. So, no manual action required to light up your cigarettes. It has a touch sensor smart switch. If you open the lid of the electronic lighter, touch the touch sensor to ignite it. So easy to light up!

  • SAFE TO USE: Auto-shut-off ensures a safety use that prevents high-temperature damage. It provides your highest safety to light up cigarettes. It prevents overheating and over current protection. So, light up your cigarettes with the preeminent safety assurance!

  • WINDPROOF: No butane/gas is required in this lighter, and it works by creating dual electric arcs which is unaffected by high wind. It works well even on rainy days that are great for camping, traveling and hiking. 

  • PERFECT GIFT: The scoured can take anyone's attention. It can be a perfect gift for festivals, birthday and business. Make your loved one feel special with the elegant gift!

  • WAFER THIN & CONCISED: It is upper compact and slim that is light to carry anywhere. Conducive weight to it so you don't forget it's in your pocket.