Smart Strip Light - BecauseJoy
Smart Strip Light - BecauseJoy
Smart Strip Light - BecauseJoy
Smart Strip Light - BecauseJoy

Smart Strip Light

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Light Up Your Space Only When You Move With the Most Advanced Smart Strip Light!

Can your current light illumine while you move? No, right? What if your space can light up when you make a move? It’ll be amazing, right? Customize your space with function and flash with the most advanced Smart Strip Light It can light up whenever you move!


  • MOVEMENT DETECTOR: These LED lights light up when the sensitive PIR sensor detects your nearby movement. So, your light will be turned ON/OFF following your movements! With a sensing range of over 2-4 meters, you can put these lights anywhere you want, even the ceiling! 

  • ENERGY-SAVING: It only lights up when you move there. Also, when you leave, it automatically shut-off. It’s different modes also allow you to set time for it to run. So, It saves a vast energy that is eco- friendly and the power is not wasted at all! 

  • DIFFERENT MODES: Smart Strip Light features' Moon Mode' and 'Sun Mode.' When you put the button to the "Sun" Mode, it will work for 24hours, the whole day. On the other hand, if you adjust to the "Moon" mode, it will only work at night.

  • IDEAL POWER SUPPLY: With a micro USB port, this LED Closet Light can be powered directly. A 5V USB charger can also power it. With the double-sided adhesive feature, It allows you to mount wherever you need extra light quickly. 

  • CUSTOMIZED APPLICATION: Only need lights for a few meters? No worries! These lights can be cut to any length you want. All you have to do is use scissors to cut on the little black line where the copper connectors are. Simple!