Smart Musical Car Piggy Bank - BecauseJoy
Smart Musical Car Piggy Bank - BecauseJoy
Smart Musical Car Piggy Bank - BecauseJoy
Smart Musical Car Piggy Bank - BecauseJoy

Smart Musical Car Piggy Bank

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 Let Your Child Learn and Practice Saving Money While Playing With Smart Musical Car Piggy Bank! 

Learning from childhood stays longer! Do you want to teach your kids saving money from childhood? So, here is the best opportunity for you to train them up to save money. Smart Musical Car Piggy Bank can store money while letting your child play with a cash truck. Make your kid happy while teaching them how to manage money!


  • UNIQUE CAR DESIGN: Piggybank in the truck-style that looks like a real giant truck. It has a large capacity. This money bank not only can store money but also be used as a toy car and play music. The fresh light design includes multiple lights flash that makes more fun at night.

  • TEACH TO SAVE MONEY: Your lil one can come to know about money savings while playing with this musical piggy bank. It allows your child to put cash into the truck and it'll automatically store them.  You can also store coins through the gap at the top of the bank. 

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: It is a bunch of entertainment! It can tell stories, along with playing music & light. It has fingerprint touches and automatic cash scroll. It also features password opening, voice switching. 

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: It is made with high-quality plastic. The banks are sturdy, the wheels turn. There are a coin slot and auto-feed for the bills. It's fun and teaches the children how to save money.

  • SIMULATED SAFETY FUNCTION: After putting cash, a password can be set. Also, the password can be changed whenever you need it. Super safety of money!

  • AUTOMATIC ATM MODE: This  Smart Musical Car Piggy Bank works like a mini ATM machine. It allows you to take out after you enter your secret password.