Smart 360 Electric Toothbrush - BecauseJoy
Smart 360 Electric Toothbrush - BecauseJoy
Smart 360 Electric Toothbrush - BecauseJoy
Smart 360 Electric Toothbrush - BecauseJoy
Smart 360 Electric Toothbrush - BecauseJoy
Smart 360 Electric Toothbrush - BecauseJoy

Smart 360 Electric Toothbrush

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Liberate Your Hands With Smart 360 Electric Toothbrush while brushing your teeth & Say Goodbye to Your “yellow Yellow, Dirty Fellow” Teeth! 

Have a yellow smile? Feeling lazy for brushing teeth? Then, Smart 360 Electric Toothbrush is absolutely for you that will give you the best hands-free brushing experience. Its food-grade antibacterial silicone brush head does not hurt the gums, and lets you feel more comfortable. It can access to harder-to-reach nooks and crannies so that you can have the whitest smile!


  • ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION CHARGING: The charging base features a USB connector, and adopts the electromagnetic induction charging method that is compatible with any power source. 90 minutes of charging can run longer. It has intelligent memory and a timer that includes a battery indicator light. So, you can know how much charge is remaining. Whenever the battery runs low, you will get a low battery reminder. Also, it features auto-shutoff when it gets fully charged. 

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: U-shaped silicon toothbrush heads are soft, which is convenient to clean. These create a durable brushing and whitening system that will last longer even in daily use. This is the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy while giving you white teeth just in seconds.

  • BRUSH WITH MAXIMUM COMFORT: Using food-grade silicone, the toothbrush gives you a soft, and comfortable feeling. The adjustable U-shape design fits your teeth perfectly. Every time you brush your teeth, you can give your mouth a quick and comfortable experience.

  • 4 MODES: There are 4 modes: Strong mode for powerful teeth brushing; Medium mode for comfortable teeth brushing; Massage mode for gum massage; Whitening mode for teeth whitening. You can set whatever the mode that is required for your teeth!

  • FREE UP YOUR HANDS: It features silica gel braces that completely surrounds your teeth. The toothbrush switches and swings left and right while turning on. It takes only 30 seconds to complete the 360-degree movement, which is very fast and convenient. 

  • GET BETTER TEETH CONDITION: With a higher frequency of vibrations, you will get rid of plaque and bacteria! It also massages your gums for your best oral health. It helps to eliminate bad breath. Also, it prevents bleeding gums.

  • BRUSH YOUR TEETH ANYWHERE: Features lazy brushing artifact that liberates your hands so that you can brush your teeth anytime, anywhere. Brush your teeth while doing makeup, working at the office, having a bath, and so on!

  • IPX7 WATERPROOF: The toothbrush features the Omni-directional IPX7 waterproof seal design that is durable to use. You can clean, and reuse the electric toothbrush.