Silicone Toilet Brush - BecauseJoy
Silicone Toilet Brush - BecauseJoy
Silicone Toilet Brush - BecauseJoy
Silicone Toilet Brush - BecauseJoy
Silicone Toilet Brush - BecauseJoy

Silicone Toilet Brush

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 Reach Every Dense Edge of Your Toilet Bowl & Have a Tidy and Lucid Toilet You Have Ever Wanted! 

Exhausted of toilet brush getting so grimy and hard to clean? Can't it reach into your tangled toilet bowl? Silicone Toilet Brush is intended to devolve your problem! It can wholly penetrate hard to reach spots on the toilet and coherent stains. Say goodbye to a filthy bathroom!



  • SWIFT INSTALLATION & STORAGE: Pull out the brush, the lid open automatically; put back the brush, the lid closes automatically. The most fugitive toilet tool you ever conduct! You can set the toilet cleaner holder on the wall with a sticker, leaving no trace. It can also be placed on the floor as a freestanding toilet brush.

  • ELEGANT AND NEOTERIC DESIGN: Why choose ordinary toilet brush? It's not only a tool but also more like a decor for the bathroom. The ergonomic toilet brush is professionally designed for your bathroom, which makes your bathroom more tidy and modern.

  • IMPENETRABLE BRUSH HANDLE: The handle of the brush is extended to the long compact toilet brush holder much more efficiently and practically. What's more? The lid always prevents your hands from the splashes when cleaning the toilet.

  • TIDY UP THOROUGHLY: The toilet brush head is made of soft, flexible, sturdy and dense bristles that can clean your toilet 360° densely. It can spontaneously reach every part of the toilet ladings, such as the under- rim section.

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: The TPR brush head with the wear-resistant feature is more enduring and tender than the constipate kind of brush, which is easier to clean stains. No scratch bristles won't hurt your toilet bowl at all.

  • SPECIALIZED BASE: Our Toilet brush has a customized base that is well-ventilated. It allows the liquid to drain, preventing dirt growth and protecting the bristles.