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Reflective Inverted Umbrella

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A Must-have Travel Umbrella to Ensure That You Stay Safe at Night and Truly Stay Dry When It Pours!

Is your regular umbrella always making your floors or car into a wet mess? Ready to upgrade to a premium reverse umbrella that will solve your problems once and for all? Our Reflective Inverted Umbrella has been designed with reflective strips and sturdy material to provide full protection from the rain and wind all day long!


  • PRACTICAL INVERTED DESIGN: Its specially-designed, cleverly folded, the inverted design effectively eliminates water dripping, keeping your car’s interior as well as your floors dry! It “collects” the water on the umbrella which means that when you arrive at your destination, all you have to do is simply empty the water and neatly store the umbrella up until the next time you need it. You could also simply leave it standing upright by itself on the floor.

  • WEATHERPROOF: Forget about the cheaply made stroller and car umbrellas once and for all! This auto-open reverse umbrella is made of heavy-duty, thick, windproof, rain and sun-protective clothing, keeping you safe and comfortable at all times. 10 reinforced fiberglass ribs to withstand powerful wind without turning inside out.

  • REFLECTIVE STRIPS: Our umbrella has been designed with a reflective strip of the canopy edge. It gives you 360 degrees of high visibility. With the reflective stripe, you can easily be noticed to drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians during low light and rainy conditions.

  • ONE CLICK OPEN & CLOSE: No more struggling with closing your umbrella, especially during heavy rain. Just press a button, and watch the umbrella spring open. No more manual handling and getting wet when entering or exiting your vehicle!