Plush Cat Cave Bed - BecauseJoy
Plush Cat Cave Bed - BecauseJoy
Plush Cat Cave Bed - BecauseJoy
Plush Cat Cave Bed - BecauseJoy
Plush Cat Cave Bed - BecauseJoy

Plush Cat Cave Bed

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Let Your Cat Own a Nest With Plush Cat Cave Bed!

Where does your cat sleep? Could you give the cat a separate bed to rest without any interruption? If the answer is no, look at our stunning Plush Cat Cave Bed!


  • DESIGNED FOR DURABILITY: Every great cat cave starts with excellent materials! We rely on pet-safe fabrics and premium foam construction, giving our beds flexibility as well as durability. The Plush and PP cotton interior & velvet exterior is as soft as it is smooth, treating your pet to the very best and offering cozy comfort for years to come.

  • UTMOST PRIVACY AND COMFORT: The cave bed is perfect for pets who enjoy privacy, our cozy cave cat hut gives your furry friend some personal space! They'll feel sheltered and secure, improving their overall comfort. And because it features a wide hooded entrance, it keeps them fresh while also allowing them to remain social.

  • EXPEDIENT CLEANING & MAINTAINING: We know that pets can present some unique cleaning challenges - that's why we made the cat house cubby easy to clean! It is washable without stretching out of shape and acts like a soft crate.

  • ON-THE-GO CONVENIENCE: Lightweight and portable, traveling with your indoor cat house is a breeze! Bring it on the go or use it on your lap for mess-free grooming. It's even foldable, allowing you to choose your preferred style.

  • PERFECT FOR CUDDLING: The Plush Cat Cave Bed is made for cuddles! This cute and super cozy housing den features an enclosed space that makes it an ideal private retreat for cats and small dogs to curl up and nestle in.

  • KEEP YOUR HOME FRESH AND CLEAN: With our covered pet beds, odor and dander are now problems of the past! They're safe in both the washer and dryer, ensuring an effortlessly thorough clean. 

  • EASY STORAGE: The cat bed takes up very little space! Take it, then appropriately stack both partitions for a painless storage solution.

  • GREAT & COZY INDOOR LOOK: The timeless style of our pet beds allows them to blend into any decor seamlessly.