Pet Toilet Training Aid Spray - BecauseJoy
Pet Toilet Training Aid Spray - BecauseJoy
Pet Toilet Training Aid Spray - BecauseJoy
Pet Toilet Training Aid Spray - BecauseJoy

Pet Toilet Training Aid Spray

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Encourage Your Pet to Use Designated Potty Location and Eliminate the Struggle of Potty Training

Finding it difficult to potty train your pet? Now you can forget the hassle. Our Pet Toilet Training Aid Spray is specially formulated to train pets where you want them to relieve themselves. Apply the spray on a designated location, put your pet on the area and allow them to sniff the pad and reward them when they use that spot. your pet A safe and humane alternative to harsh potty training methods.



  • TRAIN YOUR PET WHERE TO URINATE: Attract your furry little friend to your preferred potty location using our toilet training aid spray. Continue to re-apply the spray and take your puppy back to the spot frequently, especially after eating, drinking, playing or napping. Then your lovely pet will no longer urination on carpets, rugs, and floors.

  • KEEP YOUR HOUSE CLEAN: This spray not only can train your pet but also can remove stains and odor, which also can make you keep your house fresh and kill bacteria and keep your family members health. Perfect for the busy cat parent who wants to keep a clean and healthy home environment as effectively as possible.

  • FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR TRAINING: It works effectively for both indoor and outdoor training. Simply select your preferred area and liberally spray where you want your pet to relieve themselves. Allow your pet to smell your preferred location and praise them when they relieve themselves in that spot.

  • SIMPLE SOLUTION: No need to yell or swat. Simply spray to your preferred potty location whether inside, outside, on puppy training pads, artificial grass, or a pee post for dogs. Place your pet in the area sprayed and allow them to sniff the scent, praise them when they perform.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY & NON-TOXIC FORMULA: It contains natural ingredients like proprietary attractant scent which smells similar like grass and once they sniff the scent, they will follow the scent to urinate. Safe for use around pets and children.

  • EASY TO USE: Shake well and spray a small amount of the product onto the surface where you want your cat to urinate. Help reduce those unwanted accidents and messes faster with our puppy potty training spray!