Oxygen Releasing Fishing Bait

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Catch Fish Of Different Species Effortlessly With This Amazing Led Floating Fishing Light!

Love fishing but hate having a few fish after a load of effort? Oxygen Releasing Fishing Bait is here to make your task more relaxed than before!

The eco-friendly ball contains fish oil and amino acids that attract numerous fish species. No more lousy fishing day ever!


  • ECO-FRIENDLY OPTION: The fish bait releases specialized scents to target specific fishes. The species includes bio glitter to mimic fish scales. This is a healthy fish food that does not pollute the environment.

  • EFFORTLESS FISH CATCHING: The ball releases the oxygen bubble while immersing in the water. The fish bait is also combined with the aroma that can attract the fish far better than the ordinary bait!

  • SAVE YOUR TIME: The ball is made of amino acids, fish oil, and other odorous ingredients. These attract a massive amount of fish around it in a short time. Save your fishing time with this bait.

  • IMITATES SOUND: The fishing bait creates a sound as fish feeding that helps to gather fish. The sound allures the attention of the fish that makes your fishing easier.