Maglev Levitating Stereo Speaker - BecauseJoy
Maglev Levitating Stereo Speaker - BecauseJoy
Maglev Levitating Stereo Speaker - BecauseJoy
Maglev Levitating Stereo Speaker - BecauseJoy

Maglev Levitating Stereo Speaker

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Turn Heads With This Stunning Maglev Levitating Stereo Speaker & Bring Life to Your Favorite Tunes!

Want to stand out from the boring dull-cube and cylindrical shaped Bluetooth speakers that are flooding the market? Apart from serving as a regular Bluetooth speaker, the Maglev Levitating Stereo Speaker is Stars Wars-themed that delivers loud and satisfying sound. Amaze your friends and yourself with this rotating gravity-defying orb!


  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY & TOUCH CONTROLLED: Turn it on and off with just one touch, no extra hassle! Wireless design lets you connect and play your favorite music with ease. With the mobile phone via BlueTooth pairing freely control the speaker orb. You can play your favorite music from 8-10M.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: You can use the speaker in multiple ways. You can make it stand out from the crowd of regular Bluetooth speakers. Use the Speaker Ball as a portable Bluetooth Speaker, carrying it with you on the go. You can use the magnetic base as a charging dock. Finally, you can use them together as a floating speaker.

  • ICONIC DESIGN: The speaker features Death Star design that shows off your signature style. A more lively way of enjoying music. The speaker orb keeps floating and spinning above a magnetic base, without touching any other object, it works with zero-loss audio streaming and produces a better sound.

  • FLOATING SPEAKER: The speaker has a round speaker ball which floats elegantly over the magnetic base connected to a power source. 360° alignment makes the speaker play music more efficiently instead of regular front/top sided speakers.

  • 360 SOUND PROJECTION: Integrated with Hi-Fi Bass Power speaker for louder sound and stronger bass. Levitation of the speaker allows 360-degree rotation for a more luxurious listening experience.

  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery 1000 AH offers hassle-free use. After charging for 3 hours, it can play music for 5 hours consistently.

  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: The ABS material makes the whole speaker light and portable. Tune your music on the go. 

  • LED CHARGING INDICATOR: LED indicator changes color when your device is charging or pairing.