Luxury Wooden Lighter

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Luxury Wooden Lighter- An Aesthetic Version Of Lighter To Spell Out Your Fashion Sense!

Want a delightful lighter? Then, you can't ignore our Luxury Wooden Lighter anymore!

The exquisite lighter features a sleek and slim wooden body that enhances your style of lighting up! You can ignite the tobacco with a rocker arm as a replacement for the flint wheel to protect your fingers. The most striking lighter that you ever had


  • OUTSTANDING DESIGN: With the exquisite artistry process, the lighter becomes the definition of style. The elegant and classic appearance with engraved rolling ball design makes your lighting up more artistic. Pretty suitable for collectors who love to collect unique content. 

  • SAFE LIGHTER OPTION: The wooden lighter features a unique way to ignite the tobacco pipe with a rocker arm, which eliminates the traditional flint wheel to protect your finger. A safer way to light up!

  • PORTABLE & COMPACT SIZE: The lightweight and compact design let you take it everywhere. Excellent for carrying in the coin pocket of your jeans or wallet.

  • SUPREME GRADE MATERIAL: The high-end lighter is made of high-quality wood and metal for durable use. The color doesn't fade up after using it for a long time.