LED Folding Umbrella - BecauseJoy
LED Folding Umbrella - BecauseJoy
LED Folding Umbrella - BecauseJoy
LED Folding Umbrella - BecauseJoy
LED Folding Umbrella - BecauseJoy

LED Folding Umbrella

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Never Be Caught By The Drizzling Weather Again With This Ultra-water Resistant LED Folding Umbrella!

Should a rain shower disgust you? No, right? Now, get a stylish, and glowy companion that will always keep you dry, and don't let the drizzly days bother you again! 

Our LED Folding Umbrella can be opened and closed much faster & smoother than a regular umbrella. With the LED strip, the incredible umbrella keeps you safe and dry. The compact umbrella fits your bag so that you're always prepared for that unpredicted downpour! Have the best rainy days from now!


  • LED LIGHT INCLUDED: The umbrella includes reflective strips to keep yourself safe at night. The reflective strip of the canopy edge provides you 360 degrees of high visibility light to drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians during low light and rainy conditions. You can be noticed instantly with this reflective stripe to keep you safe in the dark rainy night.

  • VERSATILE UMBRELLA: This umbrella is big enough to protect an adult from the rain due to its vast size canopy. Besides, it becomes small when you close that you can store it in your backpack, bag, briefcase, luggage, car, and so on — ideal or long traveling. The numerous color can be suitable for men or women.

  • INVERTED DESIGN: The umbrella features an inverted design, which provides you with getting into the car in the rain more easier. With this super-advanced umbrella, you can keep it up whenever you get into the car. Also, you can sit down and pull it into the car after you are safely inside the vehicle. 

  • PREVENT WATER DROPPING: Unlike the traditional umbrellas, the wet part will be inside of the umbrella when you close it. Hence, it prevents water from dripping, as well as keeps your floors and cars dry. So, you can put it everywhere.

  • OPERATE WITH ONE CLICK: Now, you don't have to struggle with closing your umbrella whenever you get into your car. The automatic umbrella features an innovative auto open and close mechanism. Simply press the button on the handle.

  • PREMIUM WATER REPELLENCY: The waterproof umbrella instantly dries up. This foldable and durable automatic umbrella shields you from the natural elements like nothing else! No worries of rainy days and nights from now on!

  • STURDY & DURABLE UMBRELLA: The sturdiest umbrella with ten ribs fiberglass design makes it a more heavy-duty to the resistant wind. The supreme aluminum alloy and umbilical bone can give you a long-lasting experience.