LED Foldable Lantern - BecauseJoy
LED Foldable Lantern - BecauseJoy
LED Foldable Lantern - BecauseJoy
LED Foldable Lantern - BecauseJoy
LED Foldable Lantern - BecauseJoy

LED Foldable Lantern

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Never Be Without Light In Any Situation With This Incredible LED Foldable Lantern!

Planning for camping or traveling? Need to have a portable & convenient light for that? Our LED Foldable Lantern is designed to light up your way, whether on a camping trip or in a blanket fort! Get the warm, ambient glow of an antique candle lantern in a retro style. It can be used for lighting and decoration purpose as well. An essential tool for every camper!


  • ADVANCED 360° ROTATION & 3 MODES: With its 360-degree rotating feature, you can adjust any angle you like. Rotate the handle in the lamp mode until it is perpendicular to the lamp body, and you can use it as a flashlight at night. The lantern features three modes to choose from-low, middle, high brightness for your convenience.

  • DECORATIVE LANTERN: The foldable lamp generates a warm and soft atmosphere in your place. Great as a bedside lamp, table lamp, desk lamp, wall lamp, reading lamp, or camping lantern. It can also be put in the living room, courtyard, computer, office, study, and so on. 

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: These lanterns are very durable, sturdy, lightweight, and portable. The foldable design fits seamlessly into your backpack or pocket. You can use it when you are fishing, camping, partying and so on. 

  • ROMANTIC ENVIRONMENT: This outdoor lamp emits a faint yellow light and keeps flashing as the wind blows over candles. It creates a romantic and comfortable space to provide you the best experience.

  • PROTECT YOUR EYES: The human eye has different requirements for the intensity of light at different periods. This lantern has three levels of brightness to protect your eyes from the damage.

  • SENSITIVE TOUCH CONTROL: The lantern features a touch control operation. Lay your finger on the touch-sensitive switch, and just click lightly with your fingertip. 

  • USB RECHARGEABLE LIGHT: Built-in rechargeable 1200mAh battery provides you hours of unbound usage. Go beyond the limit!