Hatching Egg Bath Toy - BecauseJoy
Hatching Egg Bath Toy - BecauseJoy
Hatching Egg Bath Toy - BecauseJoy
Hatching Egg Bath Toy - BecauseJoy

Hatching Egg Bath Toy

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Add Some Fun to Your Baby's Bathtime & Turn Bathtub Into a Mini-play Park With This Adorable Hatching Egg Bath Toy!

What if the baby bath time becomes more adorable, and funny? See your baby giggle while bathing with this funny hatching egg bath toy! Simply toss the egg into the tub and watch it hatch as it fills up with water.  Your baby will love his/her bath time like never before, with this cute hatchling egg!



  • ADORABLE & CUTE PLAY: Whenever you put the egg into the bathwater, the duck will smoothly come out of the egg. And, when pressing the eggshell on the head of the Lil toy, it's mouth will spray water. When the egg is lifted, the water will drain, and the funny bath toy will slowly descend.

  • ENHANCE THE INTERACTION: The bath toy floats and sinks. The popout cute animals with interest your baby and stimulate your baby's brain development that enhances the interaction. Inspire your baby's manipulative ability,hand-eye coordination, balance, and creativity.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY & SUPREME QUALITY MATERIAL: The toy is made of eco-friendly ABS, which is kid-friendly, non-toxic, and safe. A round and burr-free egg toy do not hurt the hand of your baby. Don't worry about your kids while playing with this toy.

  • CAN BE USED AS A RINSER: The egg toy rains out of the bottom. So, you can use it as a rinser while bathing your baby. Press down on the popout toy's top shell when the egg is full of water, and it will squirt a bit of water out of its beak. 

  • FUN BATH TIME: The Hatching Egg Bath Toy can splash water, and play hide and seek. The Cute toys come out whenever you dump it into the water. Your kids will have ample fun with this adorable little bath toy!

  • ATTRACT YOUR LIL ONE: The cute egg toys attract your kids' attention in their bath time. Your baby will love to have a bath. Your baby can watch this little hatch and again, allowing for hours of bath time fun.

  • FLOATING ON THE WATER: The egg floats on the water when the egg is closed. It will bob around the tub that makes a lot of fun for your Lil one.