Glass Calligraphy Pen - BecauseJoy
Glass Calligraphy Pen - BecauseJoy
Glass Calligraphy Pen - BecauseJoy
Glass Calligraphy Pen - BecauseJoy
Glass Calligraphy Pen - BecauseJoy

Glass Calligraphy Pen

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Make Every Word Stunning and Bring Excitement in Writing With Glass Calligraphy Pen!

Are you passionate about journaling, letter writing, sketching, or drawing? How would it be if you can write these with an artisan-made pen? It becomes excellent, right? Glass Calligraphy Pen is a unique threaded tip design that assures you to make your writing more Illuminating. Every piece is individually hand-crafted, and each one that you own will be the only one of its kind!



  • PRACTICAL & CONVENIENT DESIGN: This set includes everything you need to start doodling, writing, and drawing right away! It comprises ink and matching pen rest, which will keep your desk neat and clean even when not using the pen. The glass tip of the pen is perfect for testing various ink colors or writing short essays, or signature or on your office desk or calligraphy or practicing handwriting.

  • PROMINENT GIFT IDEA: It’s bountiful to give the hand-craft pen to the loved ones interested in crafts, writing, and calligraphy. This pen is well-packaged in gift boxes, snugly protected in foam that is cut to fit their shape. You can give beautiful, elegant handmade gifts for family, friends, and business partners.

  • STUNNING AND UNIQUE DESIGN: Glass Calligraphy Pen is great for drawing and writing. Handmade by artisans from high borosilicate glass, this pen will feel amazing in your hands and on paper! The Whole-body made up of the crystal glass. It is lovely in the pen holder/ inkwell.

  • ADVANCED WRITING: Extra-smooth writing system provides an effortless writing experience. It starts quickly without dragging, requires minimal pressure from your hand. This set delivers crisp, clean lines every time. Threaded tip for ink storage gives you silky-smooth writing experience.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: You can rinse with clean water and dry with a paper towel after use. You only need to spend 10 seconds cleaning before switching to other colors. It’s more than easy to clean.