Fishing Magnet - BecauseJoy
Fishing Magnet - BecauseJoy
Fishing Magnet - BecauseJoy
Fishing Magnet - BecauseJoy
Fishing Magnet - BecauseJoy

Fishing Magnet

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Fishing Magnet- a Simple Yet Unbelievably Strong Magnet That Makes Your Fishing & Leverage Activities Most Effective!

What if fishing or other leverage activities needs fewer efforts than before? Introducing Fishing Magnet, which features a unique neodymium magnet design with a countersunk hole that gives you a perfect fishing experience. You can also use this magnet to lift, find, or hang various objects in your workshop or garage.


  • HIGHLY POWERFUL MAGNET: The fishing magnet has a powerful magnetic force that is concentrated only on the bottom. And, the other three sides are protected by steel cups. With massive permanent strength and longevity, this magnet can make your fishing more convenient. It features an N52 magnetic cover with a strong magnetic pull that is suitable for direct contact and immediate traction conditions. It's much stronger than an ordinary round peach magnet.

  • VAST USAGE: The unique design with countersunk holes absorbs the skin of various nickel materials containing molten iron. Also, suitable for magnet fishing, hoisting, suspension, recycling applications. Have fun; look for bolts, screws, hooks, fasteners, and more. You can search for items like eye bolts, screws, coins, and so on in your warehouse garage or yard.

  • EXQUISITE & DURABLE: Made of neodymium magnet, and processed stamped steel cup. It is resistant to oxidation, protects the magnet, and helps to prevent chipping or cracking.

  • FUN FISHING: You can use it for absorbing various iron-containing nickel material underwater. Also, a fun idea for magnet fishing!