Extendable Curtain Rod - BecauseJoy
Extendable Curtain Rod - BecauseJoy
Extendable Curtain Rod - BecauseJoy
Extendable Curtain Rod - BecauseJoy

Extendable Curtain Rod

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Now You Can Create Your Private Space Without Drilling Your Walls!

Looking for a curtain rod that will accommodate all your essentials or curtain? It's always one of the first things that need to be added to a home to enhance privacy and add a sense of security. The rods must be able to accommodate the weight of the fabric and the number of curtain layers at each window. Extendable Curtain Rod is the perfect solution for you! Our elegant and functional curtain rod meets all of the requirements and doubles as a versatile tool to hang virtually anything!


  • MULTIPLE USAGE: This extendable rod can flexibly adjust the length according to your needs. No longer subject to the constraints of rigid! It can be used in many areas in your house, such as bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and balconies. It can be your window curtain rod but also your closet tension rod and laundry clothes drying rack. You can use it with a shower curtain rod at the door for privacy or with a curtain at the bedroom window for shading.

  • GREAT QUALITY: The curtain rod is made with high-quality stainless steel and rubber. Place technology ensures safety to use and never fall off, no bent in the middle. This rod does not require any drilling, no worry about scratching or damaging the installation surface!

  • EASY TO INSTALL: It's more than easier to install the rod wherever you want. Just rotate the tube and adjust to your liking. Turn the rods as far as you like to tighten it once you have it in your desired spot. You can have a smooth installation without any tools. 

  • EXQUISITE DESIGN: Extendable Curtain Rod is adjustable, and its caps come off quickly. It will allow you to slide a curtain in. The rubber ends grip the wall very firmly. So, no worries about dropping out!