DIY Water Wheel Coaster - BecauseJoy
DIY Water Wheel Coaster - BecauseJoy
DIY Water Wheel Coaster - BecauseJoy
DIY Water Wheel Coaster - BecauseJoy

DIY Water Wheel Coaster

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Bring Out the Engineering Genius of yourself and Hours of Fun With DIY Water Wheel Coaster!

Are you looking for something that can boost your mechanical knowledge? DIY Water Wheel Coaster is designed only for you. This set is a fun for any model builder who is ready to discover a world of creativity. You will be amazed at how the marbles will continually make their way around the course without interruption. 


  • WORTH DISPLAY & GUARANTEED FUN: Masterful, awe-inspiring finished form. Makes this intricate marble run one you'll want to display for years to come. Time flies when you're having fun, and it'll be no different when you embark on this marble coaster construction!

  • PERFECT GIFT: Great gift choice for Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine's Day. It can be a stunning gift for boys, girls, friends, family, teachers, and so on. Suitable for people of all ages. So, make your loved one blissful with this incredible Coaster!

  • LEARNING MATERIAL: This intricate marble combines all the benefits of traditional building sets. It can give you a highly satisfying and educational experience. It will exercise and improve your excellent motor skills, creativity, perseverance and ability.

  • ENGINEERING MARVEL: It has a manual crank that includes engineering marvel. It moves the marbles through the course by setting an elaborate system of steel shafts, cogs, gears and wheels. It does all these in motion smoothly and seamlessly.

  • 3D MARBLE RUN: With DIY Water Wheel Coaster, you can build a wooden marble run coaster from beautiful, laser-cut wood pieces. It is with no glue and no tools! Parts are slot together securely to make a sturdy finished model.

  • CONSTRUCTION THEME: A perfect introduction to conjoining different objects to build a useful structure. It ensures understanding how the cog system works will develop essential knowledge and skills of construction.