Disposable Cigarette Filter - BecauseJoy
Disposable Cigarette Filter - BecauseJoy
Disposable Cigarette Filter - BecauseJoy
Disposable Cigarette Filter - BecauseJoy

Disposable Cigarette Filter

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Reduce the Harmful Contents in Cigarettes Without Changing the Taste of Your Cigarette!

Tired of failed attempts to get you smoking habit under control? It’s impossible to cut back your habit and quit immediately? What if you could remove all the toxins from your cigarettes? Yes, you heard it right. Our Disposable Cigarette Filter uses pressure and coriolis force to remove tar from cigarettes like magic. It helps reduce the tar by up to 90% and many smokers love it because the taste of the cigarette does not change!

  • HELPS REDUCE HEALTH PROBLEMS: Regular use of cigarette filters reduce coughing, shortness of breath and relieves a sore throat. It also minimizes yellow-brown stains on teeth and fingers caused by smoking. After a couple of weeks after using these filters, smokers may see their morning cough reduced or even eliminated.

  • TRANSPARENT WALLS: It’s clear so you’ll see the tar collected from your very first cigarette. Immediately visible how much tar is trapped in the filter, as the filter turns darker and darker after each smoke. Each filter will filter up to 3 regular cigarettes.

  • SAFE FILTRATION: It is 100% safe with no side effects on human health. It doesn’t add more cancer-causing nicotine or any other chemical, it simply removes them. Fits most brands of slim and regular size of cigarettes. No adapter needed.

  • LOWERS THE LEVEL OF NICOTINE: Advanced disposable filter removes the Tar and other harmful chemicals from any cigarette by over 90%. It makes cigarettes less harmful and much easier to break your addiction to Nicotine completely.

  • UNCHANGED FLAVOR: A smoker does not detect any changes in the taste of the cigarette since the method used is mechanical smoke purification. It protects your lungs from most of the tar without taking away your pleasure of smoking.