Customized Moon Lamp - BecauseJoy
Customized Moon Lamp - BecauseJoy
Customized Moon Lamp - BecauseJoy
Customized Moon Lamp - BecauseJoy

Customized Moon Lamp

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Customize Your Own Moon Lamp and Prepare to Be Hypnotized by the Enchanting Beauty of the Moon in Your Room!

Want to tell your loved ones that you love them to the moon and back? Bring this enchanting moon to your loved ones’ room with Customized Moon Lamp. Just send us an image or loving words that you will love to have imprinted on the surface of the moon lamp, and our expert designers will have it emblazoned on the lamp. The perfect gift to make anyone shriek in excitement!



🌕 AN IMPECCABLE GIFT FOR MANY OCCASIONS: The moon lamp is an ideal gift for housewarming, baby hamper, Christmas or Thanksgiving. You can imprint any beautiful picture you shared with your loved one. They’ll be surprised and will enjoy the soft lustrous light and the natural appearance of the moon lamp as it adds beauty to their décor.

🌕 BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL: 3D printed moon lamp is an artistic creation which will put a smile on you and your loved ones. Your lamp can be arranged to give pleasing illumination to your family room, children's room or anywhere your heart desires.

🌕 USB CHARGING CAPABILITY: Your moon comes with a USB charging cable so you can charge your lamp from any power source like your laptop, power bank or even keep it plugged in while in use and use the remote to switch it on.

🌕 PERSONALIZED LAMP: Keep your love and other happy memories literally illuminated for some long time to come. Imprint beautiful memories of your dear ones or some beautiful face on the surface of the moon lamp.

🌕 COLOR CHANGING NIGHT LIGHT: Your moon lamp displays beautiful colors. All the colors can individually be dimmed as per your preference.