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Crip a Cola

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This gang’s deep roots begin on the west coast in 1971 by its founders Raymond Washington and Stanley “Tookie” Williams.  It wasn’t until the late 80s they migrated to Atlanta. The majority of the members are African American and their signature wearing of the color blue to organize against police violence.

The gang has evolved over the years proving that it was not the stereotypical street gang. Members such as Snoop Dogg and Killer Mike meet with others to discuss legal and legitimate business ideas, to capitalize on that they have been branding for over 50 years. This ensures Crips aren’t just labeled as a black gang but a marketable business with humanity.

 Eventually, the gang lands on a new brand of soda with Exotic Pop, Crip-a-Cola. Proving a gang can build a brand and business including handling a new market rival (Blood Pop soda produced by the Crips’ rival gang, the Bloods).

 Although Cola has a signature sweet dark rooted  classic taste with a hint of grape to finish.