Compact Dispenser Bottle - BecauseJoy
Compact Dispenser Bottle - BecauseJoy
Compact Dispenser Bottle - BecauseJoy
Compact Dispenser Bottle - BecauseJoy
Compact Dispenser Bottle - BecauseJoy

Compact Dispenser Bottle

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Space-efficient Dispenser Bottle Gives You Quick Access to Your Toiletries and Ease the Burden for Your Trip

While traveling or doing outdoor activities, it’s a hassle to carry large bottles
of toiletries. What if one compact bottle can solve this problem. Our unique Compact Dispenser Bottle can contain four different kinds of toiletries. Simply turn the bottle head until the opening is over the product you’d like to use and enjoy the convenience of having four of your most used products in one place.



  • SAY GOODBYE TO LEAKAGE: Worried that your costly makeup leak out of the travel bottles to make your luggage in mess? Worried about that your luggage full of the smell of your lotion? Our dispenser bottle features sealing triple protection and anti-leakage smooth mouth design which prevents leaks when on the move and is suitable for most liquids & lotions. Never worry about leaks again as a result of air pressure changes, heat, cold, knicks, or bumps.

  • ULTRA CONVENIENT: Rotate to switch between each bottle and use just a single press to spray. Comes with 1 set of labels, so you can easily organize and label your toiletries. The outer bottle is hollow and the inner bottle is transparent so that the emulsion can be seen, and the category and capacity can be seen at a glance.

  • PERFECT TRAVEL COMPANION: No need to bring a variety of bulky standard bottled toiletries while traveling anymore! The travel bottle kit makes everything in your luggage/backpack organized. Perfect for different situations such as airplane travel/business trip/camping.

  • 4-IN-1 DESIGN: This compact dispenser features 4 refillable travel bottles in one durable case. Each bottle has a capacity of 40ml/1.4OZ. The four bottles can be carried in one bottle for convenient carrying.

  • STYLISH DESIGN: BPA free and reusable set. With its sleek design and clean stature, this bottle is a stylish accessory you won’t mind displaying on your bathroom countertop.