Cat Carry Pouch - BecauseJoy
Cat Carry Pouch - BecauseJoy
Cat Carry Pouch - BecauseJoy
Cat Carry Pouch - BecauseJoy

Cat Carry Pouch

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Now You Can Hold Your Kitty Steady, Calm, and Comfortable When Taking to the Vet or Travel

Are you searching for a comfy travel pouch that will keep your cat calm and safe while traveling or carrying around? Our Cat Carry Pouch makes traveling with your cat easier. This carrier solves cats' claustrophobia in crates by keeping their head free to the outside world. Great for administering medicine, cutting nails and any other hard to achieve tasks.



😸 ADEQUATE CONVENIENCE: it is very convenient to hold your furry kids whether you are walking, outing, weekend adventure, traveling. Has a shoulder strap sling that makes for easier carrying and keeps your cat close to your body. The shoulder strap can be connected to a car seat belt to secure your cat while traveling.

😸 CAT-FRIENDLY DESIGN: The opening for your pet's head is adjustable and there are 2 openings for the front paws which can be closed with Velcro. Allows your cat to see his surroundings which will help keep them at ease.

😸 DESIGNED FOR YOUR FURRY FRIEND: The humanized mouth design allows the pet's head to stretch out to breathe fresh air. It can be used as a grooming sack for clipping nails, bath time, or administering medicine.

😸 COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: High-quality material is breathable and durable, and it is easy to clean and dry. It’s made from a rip-resistant canvas material which prevents sharp nails from poking through.