Car Logo Pillow Blanket - BecauseJoy
Car Logo Pillow Blanket - BecauseJoy
Car Logo Pillow Blanket - BecauseJoy
Car Logo Pillow Blanket - BecauseJoy

Car Logo Pillow Blanket

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Transform Your Travel Pillow Into a Comfortable Blanket!

Searching for a pillow that can turn into a blanket and be stored easily for travel? Our Car Logo Pillow Blanket can be converted into a blanket to increase your comfort while sitting on a couch and easily be taken with you while you travel and used in a plane, car, or other location



  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGNS: This pillow comes in various glamorous designs and can easily be used as an ornamental pillow for couches and as a fashionable blanket, which can be easily converted into a comfortable blanket for watching programs on television or for comfortably sitting on a couch.

  • PORTABLE: Large enough to sleep comfortably on, but small enough to be portable in a suitcase, backpack, or car. It can be folded into a pillow small enough to store in a backpack or suitcase easily, but large enough to be a cozy pillow to doze on or a fashionable ornamental pillow.

  • TRAVEL ESSENTIALS: Whether by plane, car, train or bus or on backpacking or hiking trips, get the best support with sleeping and rest with the Car Logo Pillow Blanket. It has many more practical applications as well-in a tent, during a movie, for a picnic, and much more.

  • EASY FOLD & UNFOLD: This decorative pillow the ability to be used as both a soft pillow and a warm blanket, and its use can be switched simply by folding the blanket and zipping it into a comfortable pillow or undoing the zipper and pulling out the snug blanket.

  • USER-FRIENDLY: Our ultimate travel pillow and packable blanket combo let children and adults breathe easy and snuggle right in, irritation-free, even on a long haul flight. The pillow blanket is fully washable for everlasting comfort.

  • USEFUL YEAR-ROUND: This pillow’s unique design allows it to be useful at any time of year as a warm blanket during winter, and as a cushy pillow during summer.