Beer Can Cover - BecauseJoy
Beer Can Cover - BecauseJoy
Beer Can Cover - BecauseJoy
Beer Can Cover - BecauseJoy
Beer Can Cover - BecauseJoy

Beer Can Cover

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Hide Your Beer Cans From Prying Eyes & Enjoy Your Beer Anywhere, Anytime With This Beer Can Cover!

Want to hide your beer from the 'Snoopy' people? We have got your back! Our smartest design of Beer Can Cover can apparently kick away the eyes while drinking beer. With its smart design, no one will know that you are drinking beer unless you tell them. Start enjoying your beer everywhere you want!


  • FLEXIBLE USAGE: With precise high-end size, and flexibility, you can use the cover without much effort. The edges are much more soft and smooth that will not hurt your lips and hands while using. With its portable and compact size, you can put it in your pocket and take anywhere you like.

  • TURN ON YOUR PARTY MODE: The Beer can cover greatly for the outdoor events, parties, golf course, the park, parties, sporting events, Halloween, Christmas festival, or any other parties. Switch on your party mode with this beer can cover anytime, anywhere.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY & RECYCLED MATERIAL: The eco-friendly silicone material is reusable that you can use many times without creating any pollution. It's non-toxic and harmless so that you can enjoy safe and healthy drinking!

  • HIDE YOUR BEER: With this cover, you can hide your beer in public. Literally, nobody would know that it is beer unless you tell them. You can hardly tell the difference when put it on your beer.

  • FITS EASILY: Most soda cans are the same size as most beer cans, so they fit like a glove. You don't have to push much to cover up the beer can.

  • PRANK & JOKE TOOL: You can prank your friends and family with this realistic cover. You can make vast fun whenever you want.