BBQ Chicken Holder - BecauseJoy
BBQ Chicken Holder - BecauseJoy
BBQ Chicken Holder - BecauseJoy
BBQ Chicken Holder - BecauseJoy
BBQ Chicken Holder - BecauseJoy

BBQ Chicken Holder

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 No More Making a Mess of Your Oven With Oil Or Sauce Droplets & Make the Best Bbq Chicken Legs You'll Ever Have!

Have you ever go through a dirty oven when roasting the chicken? We, the BBQ lovers, may have faced this type of unwanted situation for uncountable times! No worries, our BBQ Chicken Holder can help you to deal with this issue! Hang up the chicken on the helder & and place it in the oven or and have unforgettable chicken experience. Your Best bbq partner ever!


  • SUPREME QUALITY: Made of high-quality stainless steel that is safe and durable. It is equipped with non-chemical, non-toxic and sturdy material. Stainless steel has a Locking mechanism so they won't tumble or collapse when grilling. The elegant packaging and modern designed rack make the perfect tool for every BBQ enthusiast. The rack is an eye-catcher at every BBQ party and will assure you a specialized grilling experience.

  • VERSATILE USE: Maybe, you are having a BBQ party with your family on the weekend. It can satisfy you and your family's enormous appetite. With a chassis, the pan can effectively prevent oil spills. Suitable for BBQ, chicken wings and other foods. It can also be used to grill vegetables. Trust me; you need it!

  • STRONG GRAB OF CHICKEN: Suitable for roasting small and large chickens. The multi-shaped design on the shelf makes it easy to catch the chicken leg and is not easy to fall. No more spending time to reorganize the chicken legs!

  • NO OVERFLOWING CHICKEN JUICES: There is an extra deep drip pan that prevents the overflow of your chicken Juices & sauces. You can collect chicken drippings to make Your Favorite Sauce, Gravy or Soup.

  • COMPACT: The chicken holder is straightforward to fold, therefore, be easily placed in the oven or griller. After folding up, it fits inside the pan for very economical storage if you take it for your barbecue party.

  • SUPER EASY CLEANING: Cooks evenly and efficiently. Easy to clean-up too with hand wash or dishwasher.