Basketball Hoop -Activated LED Strip Light - BecauseJoy
Basketball Hoop -Activated LED Strip Light - BecauseJoy
Basketball Hoop -Activated LED Strip Light - BecauseJoy

Basketball Hoop -Activated LED Strip Light

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Light Up the Rim of Your Basketball Hoop With Basketball Hoop -activated Led Strip Light & You Will Never Want to Stop Shooting!

What if your basketball hoop lights up with a swish every time you score? Amazing, right? Our Basketball Hoop -Activated LED Strip Light will turn your basketball hoop into your arcade with its sensation light. It provides you exciting and instant-feedback when you score a basket! Amplify your excitement, and enjoy your funny sport time!



  • STRONG ANTI-IMPACT ABILITY &  BRIGHT AT NIGHT: The LED lamp features an anti-impact ability to protect from withstanding violent impact. It absorbs enough solar energy during the day to light up the basketball box.

  • ENHANCE THE EXCITEMENT: The Light will flash when the basketball hits the basket. Different kinds of light patterns will enhance the game atmosphere. Let the excitement of joy be upgraded.

  • EASY TO SET UP: All you have to do is-hook & loop the sensor box underneath the rim, then just stick the battery case behind the backboard. Once you setup, it will automatically turn on.

  • INCREASE THE SHOOTING PERCENTAGE: As the hoop lights up In the dark, it enhances the excitement of shooting that can significantly improve your shooting percentage.

  • GREAT ENTERTAINMENT & FUN: Not only the LED Light is a great way to see the hoop at night when playing basketball, but it also creates night more entertaining atmosphere.  

  • SUPREME QUALITY & SUPER WATERPROOF: With its waterproof feature, you don't have to worry about it in rainy weather. It's super sturdy and durable.

  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE: With its AA Batteries, it provides extended battery life. The Battery Case is detachable for absolute convenience.