Attachable Macro LED Flash - BecauseJoy
Attachable Macro LED Flash - BecauseJoy
Attachable Macro LED Flash - BecauseJoy
Attachable Macro LED Flash - BecauseJoy

Attachable Macro LED Flash

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Attachable Macro Led Flash- a Supplementary Light Source for Your Close-up and Macro Photography to Capture More Beautiful Moments!

Are you ready for your close-up? No, you are not yet. You know why? Because, the closer you get to your subject, the more light you lose through lens extension, which can make your photography dull. Our ultimate Attachable Macro LED Flash is designed for you to glow up your close-up photography and provide you vivid images. The adjustable flash lets you make adjustments in bright- and low-light situations, even color variability. What's more, you want?


  • CONVENIENT OPERATION & LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: The light comes with a high-definition LCD Display, which is easy to control. Simply press the power switch to power on/off. You can operate your flashlight as you need with the mode switch, LED light steady on the button, and test button. Also, there is lower static power consumption, even with the brightest light.

  • ADJUSTMENT OF LIGHTS & COLOR: The attachable flashlight features different modes of lighting, such as light, flash, L, and R mode. With the multiple light modes, the ring flash can fulfill your diverse needs of macro and microphotography. You can set the color blue, yellow, white, transparent as you prefer. 

  • ATTRACTIVE COLOR & CLEAR DEFINITION: The bright ring flashlight provides you an enhancing Color Rendering Index (CRI), which gives you a better, and clear photography. It provides an output with accurate color rendering. Built-in 4pcs color translucent filters provide you more vivid and transparent objects.

  • 48 PCS OF LED LIGHTS TO BRIGHTEN UP: The LED flash consists of 48 pieces of SMD LED lights that enhance the luminance. You can have a brighter view while doing photography. The flash gives you the most glorious light, even in the dark. 

  • NATURAL & INCREDIBLE OUTPUT: The ring lights give you a soft, even light–that doesn't create any harsh shadows. Also, the lights will give your subject a nice with a powerful catchlight in the eyes of portrait subjects.

  • WIDE USAGE: Suitable for shooting on many different occasions in the field of macro-shot, scientific research, medical research, character close-up photography, and so on.

  • COMPATIBILITY: It comes with eight adaptable rings that are suitable for any model of NIKON or Canon brand DSLR. Now, you will get your desired photography!