Anti-stress Splat Ball - BecauseJoy
Anti-stress Splat Ball - BecauseJoy
Anti-stress Splat Ball - BecauseJoy
Anti-stress Splat Ball - BecauseJoy

Anti-stress Splat Ball

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A Funny, Colorful and Squishy Toy to Relieve Your Stress & Anxiety Efficiently!

Nowadays, the lives of people become so much stress to handle. Work pressure, family problems, and every situation of life make you so much disturbed that you can't focus on anything. So, here is the absolute solution. The Anti-stress Splat Ball can help you to release your stress in minutes.

  • DURABLE: This ball toy is sturdy yet soft to touch. This ball is durable and smooth. If your baby touches, It will not hurt your baby. Anyone can enjoy playing with this soft, squishy toy for a long time without worrying about any wear or tear.

  • MULTIPLE PURPOSE TOY: The toy can be used as a decompression toy, relaxation product, festival item. Perfect for children party gift Christmas gift, Halloween gift, baby bathing toys, children's kitchen food toys, etc.

  • SAFE AND SECURE: Ball pit balls manufactured with Phthalate Free, Lead-Free, PVC Free 100% non-recycled plastic materials. It's quality material makes sure that anyone can use it without any safety issues.

  • VIVID COLOR COMBINATION: Bright colors, interactive sounds and intricate shapes of the toy enhance excellent motor skills and problem-solving skills. Perfect for baby's first educational toy.

  • ANTI-STRESS: Squishy toy can release your stress, make you relaxed when you squeeze it. Carry it to your school or office and release all your tensions by squeezing this fun little toy.

  • SOFT MATERIAL: It is made from a quiet but very durable rubber style squishy material, these animal toys are soft enough to squeeze firmly but strong enough to last if cared for.

  • FLEXIBILITY: Extremely flexible that it will return to its original shape after you smash it. Use it as you like but it will never lose its original shape.