About Us

Message from the founder:

We are so happy to see you all, saving money and improving the quality and joy of your life, we are big believers in the old adage, “Never deny yourself simple pleasures. We at BecauseJoy, believe that life is full of simple pleasures if you know where to find them, but don’t worry we started looking for them for you!

Our dedicated team took to the internet with force to provide you with the very best products, at the very best prices, we kinda took the hassle out of finding the deals for you, and don’t worry it was our pleasure. Here, you’re family... and we are happy to have you here with us, so if there’s anything you need please feel free to contact our team and your new family. We will go above and beyond to secure your happiness with the pricing and our dedicated customer service is top notch.

So from me the Founder of BecauseJoy.com would like to welcome you home and let you know that we are a business that believes in the customer and the experience because at the end of each and everyday, you’re the boss and you’re what matters, “So in the interest of Happiness.” BecauseJoy.